The popular Dateline NBC reality show “To Catch A Predator” informed unsuspecting children and teens of the dangers that exist when they talk to strangers online.  But, since the show’s inception, nearly 10 years ago, our young people have become more proactive against these criminals.

A 16-year-old girl was approached for sex by a 41-year-old married man she met on Facebook.  But, little did he know, she had other plans for him.  He picked her up from an apartment in Noblesville, Indiana, to go to a party she invited him to with her friends in downtown Indianapolis. But, when they arrived at the home, her friends jumped him and robbed him and they made off with his car.

The man notified police that he had indeed arranged to have sex with the girl he met on Facebook, but instead was robbed.  The police immediately bust out laughing in his face, arrested him, and went to the home of the young girl and returned the keys to his 2013 Lexus to her and her crew. His wife was also allowed to beat and rob him in his jail cell.

Well, that’s not altogether true.  But that’s how it should’ve went down, right?!  The police have not yet located the teens involved in the crime and the only story the police is certain the man gave his wife was that he was robbed.

The teens returned the man’s 2013 Lexus to the abandoned house where he was being held, but they went on a shopping spree with his credit card.

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