By now every one of you have thrown out the iPhone 4 and moved on to bigger and better things with the iPhone 5.  But, the trendy phone may have caught fire simply because it seems everyone has one and we’re a nation of one upness.  We gotta have the new new!  But, did you miss out on another phone because of your addiction to Apple products?

According to CNet, Samsung’s Galaxy phone is where you wanna go if you’re into the display.  If you love the vivid graphics and want a slimmer more sleek phone, you missed the boat!

A study from IHS the Galaxy S3’s display is just 1.1 millimeters thick and offers the full color gamut of the NTSC standard, but, the iPhone 5’s display is 1.5 millimeters thick and offers only 72 percent of the standard color gamut.

Sounds like the Galaxy phone is a more aesthetically attractive model.  In other words, if you’re all about the “looks”, Samsung has the phone for you.

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