When you bought your smartphone the only thing on your mind was the dreamy web access, GPS, unlimited photo apps and you’d have bragging rights for a while about your new, so awesome, phone.  But, what you didn’t count on is that your super duper cell would also make you a prime target for theft.

Law enforcement and prosecutors are joining forces to help you protect your technologically advanced, very expensive piece of equipment with something old school.  The car security systems of the 80’s and prior were not as advanced as they are now and often car buyers would have a kill switch installed.  The device was used to disable the engine which prevents thieves from making off with a vehicle once they get inside. Now police are suggesting that smartphone manufacturers put them in cell phones, according to MSNBC.

The request for a cell phone kill switch isn’t a new initiative.  In May, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon began petitioning nearby Silicon Valley brainiacs to create something similar to a “kill switch” to disable stolen smart phones.  But now Gascon has partnered with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to form the S.O.S. Initiative to put the pressure on.

Apple, Google/Motorola, Microsoft and Samsung attended a “Smartphone Summit” in New York City hosted by the dynamic duo on Thursday to address the concerns of the 1.6 million folks who fell victim to thieves last year.  Samsung and Apple revealed that they are already on top of this issue.

“At the closed-door summit, Apple and Samsung outlined the improved security software they are developing to tackle the problem. Apple’s new i OS 7 operating system will include an “activation lock” when it’s released this fall.”

The report also mentions that a 26-year-old chef at the Modern Museum of Art was killed for his iPhone last year.  Read more here. Let’s hope this helps.

-J.C. Brooks