Although it’s a major issue throughout the year, identity theft plagues more people around the holidays than any other time. In 2015, according to Javelin Strategy and Research, roughly 3.1 million U.S. adults fell victim to identity theft. Despite the advent of some high-tech security systems around the world, thieves are just as capable of innovation and are getting better at stealing valuable information every year.

CBS Chicago reports that criminals are now targeting gas pumps as a way to easily steal credit card information.

A so-called “skimmer” can be installed directly inside gas pumps and can capture a user’s credit card information.

“Nowadays, that little device can also be Bluetooth-enabled,” said Jeff Tubacki, an inspector with the Illinois Bureau of Weights and Measures. “They can transmit that information to Chicago, to Wisconsin.”

Although credit card companies and banks have developed and installed EMV chips on most cards, gas stations haven’t kept up with this technology. As of October 2017, however, all pumps will be required to have EMV chip readers to prevent this issue.

Experts recommend that consumers should try to use pumps that are closest to store windows, as these are less likely to have been hit by identity thieves; use cash whenever possible; and constantly monitor their credit card statements.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning to holiday shoppers that scammers are increasing both their technology tactics and the rate at which they scam around this time of the year.

Salisbury Post reports that 44% of holiday shoppers are purchasing items online, making them vulnerable to scams and hacks.

Shoppers should be sure to use secure networks; have trusted anti-spyware and anti-virus software; use credible websites; keep documentation throughout the purchase; and regularly check credit card statements.