A medical equipment company based in China has chosen Sacramento, CA as its newest location for expansion. Top Grade Healthcare will be setting up facilities at UC Davis’s Institute for Regenerative Cures Research Facilities on Stockton Boulevard. The location of the Chinese company’s expansion was announced on Monday.

The company announced that it will be hiring 10 to 15 researchers to work in the new facility. These researchers will be focusing on medical imaging, cancer treatment, and a variety of other programs made available by the company. Top Grade’s overarching goal is to create a manufacturing facility in the Sacramento area.

After Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co., Top Grade is the second China-based medical technology company to establish a physical presence in Sacramento. The company plans to lease a 7,872 sq. foot space at the institute.

Top Grade focuses mainly on manufacturing and distributing nuclear medicine imagine equipment. Worldwide, the company currently employs approximately 300 people. Its technology has the ability to deliver a minimal dosage of radiation to a broad area in a patient’s body, making it one of the most efficient when it comes to treating cancers that have metastasized.

Though many patients fear nuclear imaging will make them more prone to cancer, a recent study conducted by the Society of Nuclear Medicine has asserted otherwise. The long-held belief that low doses of radiation such as those experienced during X-rays or other diagnostic imagine procedures is, according to the authors of the study, based on an inaccurate 70-year-old hypothesis.

Jeffry A. Siegel, Ph.D. and president and CEO of Nuclear Physics Enterprises, explained that Henry Muller’s 1946 Nobel Lecture on the negative effects of radiation in diagnostic imaging “was a non sequitur unrecognized by the radiation science community.”

West Health Institute reported that aggregately, hospitals could save upwards of $30 billion annually by simple connecting their diagnostic equipment to electronic health records. In a similar vein, the authors of this radiation study concluded that physicians are taking too many precautionary measures in diagnostic imaging.

With any luck, Top Grade’s expansion will open the door to more nuclear imaging innovations that may reduce the fear of radiation instilled in so many people.