With the reveal of the new Galaxy S8, Samsung hopes to regain some of the business it lost with the Galaxy S7. Among other issues, the S7 was known for being prone to fires.

Samsung unveiled their newest phone recently, which comes in two sizes and was given the moniker, “Dream”. The screens come in either 6.2 inches or 5.8 inches and both have curved, wraparound screens, which are the largest among Samsung products to date.

In October, Samsung saw a major pitfall in their Galaxy S7, as it was revealed that faulty batteries had caused some devices to catch fire. Word spread quickly and ultimately Samsung lost $5.48 billion in the U.S. This also caused Apple to rise above Samsung as the top smartphone maker in the world.

Some analysts have revealed their concerns about the future of Samsung. Jan Dawson, an analyst with Jackdaw Research, voiced her worry about the new Galaxy S8’s price, which stands at around $100 dollars more than other smartphone competitors.

She said, “That’s a big bet that its phones will justify a higher price, whereas it could have used these new phones as a way to drive higher sales after a couple of years of stagnation.”

Regardless of that, Samsung has taken it upon themselves to improve the design of the S8, beyond the screen size. They now utilize an eight-point safety checking system to ensure no dangerous, faulty batteries get shipped out to customers.

Lewis Larsen, the president of Lattice Energy, a Chicago-based battery technology consultancy, has said, “The additional measures Samsung has taken should certainly improve battery safety and durability. These are most definitely not just cosmetic steps ‘for show.'”

Whether Samsung can regain its customers lost after the Galaxy S7 incident is unknown. The company has taken strides to remedy its earlier mistakes and remains optimistic that they can bounce back. And, with nearly 85% of 18 to 29-year-olds in America owning a smartphone, perhaps it won’t be that difficult to find clientele.