On average, the printing expenses of an employee can amount up to $1,300 every year. Oftentimes the amount of paper one prints is due to mistakes found on original copies. Toshiba America Business Solutions is changing that.

On Monday, June 12, Toshiba introduced the first ever hybrid copier capable of producing erasable prints. The e-STUDIO4508LP is the first copier of its kind that will enable the user to erase all content from the page. The user simply loads the pages which were printed using the hybrid copier’s blue toner into the bypass tray, presses the Erase button on the front panel of the copier, and the content returns to the user as clean, reusable paper.

“In today’s competitive and environmentally-conscious landscape, Toshiba demonstrates strength in innovation with the launch of its e-STUDIO4508LP, the industry’s first hybrid MFP that prints in both black and white and erasable blue,” Valerie Alde-Hayman, an industry analyst, said to WebWire. “This new technology evolves Toshiba’s hybrid MFP line and will enable a wider range of customers to reduce their environmental impact while also maintaining access to standard monochrome printing.”

Because the user is able to select the toner on default, the copier will be able to print certain items such as document drafts and emails in the hybrid’s blue erasable ink for later erasing. The innovative nature of this new hybrid copier enables businesses to not only conserve paper and limit waste, but it will ultimately assist in the saving of thousands of dollars. This is particularly beneficial to the small business owner, who may not be able to afford the amount of money spent on paper waste every year.

Toshiba’s e-STUDIO4508LP comes with additional features such as the free recycling of all toner (not just the toner from its own company) through its program entitled Zero Waste To Landfill. Toshiba additionally offers its e-STUDIORD301, which works by scanning and filing documents that are inserted into its bypass tray and then sorts the reusable paper.

Toshiba America Business Solutions is making a dent in the office industry with its new paper-saving copier. With the amount of paper waste in the business world, we can only hope that this is not the end and that the environmental-friendly nature of these copying products will see new advances on the green tide.