Bamboo seems to be the hot new trend in natural materials, used in everything from flooring to car interiors. Not only is it a more eco-friendly option, but it’s typically much more durable than other types of woods, which makes it much more appealing for widespread use. While Northern Red Oak and North American Hard Maple receive average Janka hardness ratings of 1290 and 1450, respectively, Natural Solid Strand Bamboo’s Janka rating comes in at around a 3780.

Bamboo is even used as the inspiration for drawing apps like Bamboo Paper, which instantly turns your mobile device into a paper notebook. For those who use their gadget to sketch and create, apps like these are a must. Now, Wacom has unveiled two new styluses for Windows 10 and iOS that will assist users design with even more precision — at a price.

The Bamboo Ink is designed for the Windows 10 Ink feature and is made specifically for writing, allowing users to choose from soft, medium, and firm tips. With it, you can also navigate browsers, scroll, and select. Since Microsoft recently hinted at new stylus innovations to expand what users can do, the unveiling of the Bamboo Ink won’t surprise die-hard Windows users.

Wacom also kept Apple users in mind with their release, as the Bamboo Sketch is made for iOS. It can be used in conjunction with iPads (other than the iPad Pro) and even iPhones. The Sketch actually offers 2,048 different levels of pressure sensitivity and can last up to 15 hours on one charge, according to Wacom.

In a statement, Wacom said of the release:

“The potential for bringing ideas to life is now limitless. By pushing the top of the Bamboo Ink stylus, users can launch Windows Ink Workspace, the quick and easy pen-driven feature on Windows 10 devices. With Bamboo Ink and Windows Ink, users may doodle and take notes directly on their screen in a dedicated inking environment such as Screen Sketch. The stylus can also launch a pen-enabled app like Sticky Notes or Bamboo Paper, where notes or drawings created in the Bamboo Paper app can soon be synchronized across devices with Wacom’s Inkspace service to store, access, and manage ideas in the cloud.”

Although more traditional artists might wonder why these creatives don’t just stick to pen and paper in the first place, these tools provide far more options in one tool than any regular writing instrument. Consumers had better hope so, since both the Bamboo Ink and Bamboo Sketch will set you back $79.95. The tools are available through Wacom’s website and at select retailers like Best Buy.