At the end of June 2015, 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs. That is a 25% increase compared to what the turnover was in 2013. Many employers are left wondering what could have been fixed to keep their employees with the company. To keep employees, and to better their on-boarding, many major companies are turning to augmented reality, or AR.

Business 2 Community says that there is a direct correlation between new-employee onboarding and retention. They say that the first few months on the job is the time when the new employee gets a taste of what the company is like, which is more like a first impression. If the employee doesn’t think that they will do well, or if they don’t like the culture, it is likely that they will leave.

Companies such as Google and Apple have been trying out new experiences using AR to get their recently-hired employees acclimated with the campus and the business itself. As an employer, especially for giants like Google and Apple, employee retention is extremely important. Turnover not only means losing a valuable employee, it means finding a replacement who can do their work with the same quality standards.

According to the Mercury News, Apple recently rolled out an AR tour of their new campus. This gives the new employee the chance to explore the area with the use of a tablet and a scale-version of the campus. The user can even see what the campus may look like at different times of day, giving them the chance to see what it would be like to walk around the buildings after dark if they need to stay past sunset. It may offer a sense of comfort and security.

Using AR also gives the employee a chance to be interactive with their co-workers and their bosses. Instead of the generic onboarding procedures that consist of paperwork and videos, the new employee will get the chance to meet people and get out from behind their desk.

Augmented reality for onboarding is something that is still in the beginning stages, but while retention continues to crumble, it is important for employers to try anything they can.